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Boodschap aan Ambassadeur van Sri Lanka

Vandaag, eerste Paasdag, heeft de voorzitter van de Haagse Gemeenschap van Kerk een boodschap verzonden aan de ambassadeur van Sri Lanka

Your Excellency,
This years’s message of Easter, the announcement of the victory of life over death, is smothered in bloodshed in your country. Places of worship and of charity and love are devastated by acts of terror and hatred. Many are killed and many are wounded.People are in shock.
On behalf of the Christian churches of The Hague I express my heartfelt condolences to the Sri Lanka people. Please convey our message of prayer and friendship to your president and your people.Every year on the occasion of the national day of Sri Lanka, you invite me to come and pray together with representatives of other religions for your country.Therefore I know that the efforts for peace and reconciliation are serious and supported by your government.
I sincerely hope, together with the Christians of The Hague, that you will not give up and keep on striving for peace among the population of Sri Lanka so rich in diversity. This diversity can be one of the strengths of your nation. I pray that the people in your country will not be tempted to respond with vengeance or hatred or with other acts of violence. 
The message of my Christian faith is that the path to the Kingdom of peace is long and tedious, but in the end the Spirit of life and love will prevail. We, as Christians, are called to be the messengers of this Kingdom. Together with other religious leaders and people of good will we can build up a new society. May the actors of these horrendous attacks be tried before a tribunal.
May the Eternal One bless Sri Lanka and all your people and may the Spirit of peace inspire all political and religious leaders to speak a language of reconciliation. Our monthly prayer for peace on the square before St James’ church, Parkstraat 65, will be held to pray for Sri Lanka (Friday May 3rd, 13.20 hrs).

Ad van der Helm, voorzitter HGK.

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